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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Binion's $100 Daily Deep Stack PF & UF

Updated 2/11/2017
mrluckypoker Mr Lucky Poker

The end of a great era! The only reason to venture down to Old Las Vegas is to view the overhead show and get a souvenir from Binion's and the Golden Nugget Casino. It's lost the glory of the Rat Pack days. Most of the casinos there are looking like a shabby image of their former life. There's a haze outside as well as inside the casinos. It's where people go to smoke in the casino and use the penny slots. It's the poor stepchild of modern Las Vegas, the black sheep of the family.

Binion's deep stack tournament is still good to play, just to say you did. The tournament is good for the first hour or so, you can still use some skill to grow your stack. Depends on how many enter the tournament.
Patience vs Speed and Utility

mrluckypoker Mr Lucky Poker


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