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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mr Lucky's Law on ALL-IN

mrluckypoker Mr Lucky Poker

This happens more than you think. You will go all-in with the worst hand twice and win, only to go all-in later with the best hand and lose.

Avoid going all-in early in the game or in tournaments unless you have the nuts or you are short stacked and this is the best hand you have seen and the blinds are coming around to you.

Tournaments are more than just about survival, but if you want to survive, resist going all in, even at the final table.
Going All-In is not a bluffing option, unless you are the chip leader or head-to-head and have a playable hand.

All-In Plays: 
  1. Made by the Chip Leader, usually with the top hand and will accept getting beat on the river, because he will still be in the game and probably still have lots of chips.
  2. Made by Medium Stacks: usually means they have the top hand, possibly the nuts, and it will take a miracle or bad beat to lose. Also used by aggressive players against weak players.
  3. Made by Short Stacks: Usually at least a 3:1 dog if not a 2:1 winning edge with a premium hand. Last ditch effort.
  4. Made by Mental Midgets: Usually from out of position and trying to steal the blinds or when they are getting low on chips and the first to bet. They will usually try it more than once and frequently with back to back hands. They don't last long.

I Never Bluff

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